Spitting Lama MIDI
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This forum is the most comprehensive single source for info on modular synthesis. Don't do modular without it. If you use it, support it.
BT Music
Website of the artist bt (Brian Transeau) - bt is the artist that most inspires me to keep creating and keep trying to get better.
Spitting Lama MIDI
Spitting Lama MIDI on the Web
Apple Computer
Since you could first boot up in to Windows I was a diehard Window fanatic and an Apple basher extrodinaire. I was also a complete idiot. You can pry the Mac from my cold dead fingers. The finest OS and the sexiest computers on the planet. I will never go back.
Makers of Reason. Reason is the only DAW that has never crashed or froze for me. That is still true after nearly 15 years. Props to Props....
Music retailer. People's experience with different vendors vary. Much of my studio tools have come from Sweetwater and my experiences with thier service and support have always been positive.
My web hosting service. Broadjam has made my life easier. Period.