Spitting Lama MIDI
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A Brief Bio

Richard Aylward has been been making music of some sort or other since a tender age. He's had training in both piano, guitar, music theory, and audio production.

The pivotal event in his musical life was getting a Minimoog synthesizer for Christmas at the age of 14. That gift led to a fascination with music technology that has been with him for more than a quarter of a century. Richard started working with MIDI in the 1980s using a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak and a Commodore 64 computer running Dr. T's KCS. The Six-Trak was one of the first synths with MIDI and is believed to be the firsrt truly multi-timbral MIDI instrument. And it still works.

Richard is currently persuing a Masters Certificate in Music Production and Technology from Berkleemusic. Much of the latest music from Spitting Lama consists of class projects and has been produced on a number of platforms ranging from Logic and Reason to Pro Tools and Digital Performer.

"Does he wanna be an airplane pilot or a musician?"

Fame (1980)