Spitting Lama MIDI
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The Former Process
Short Song Description:
An ambient electronica song.
Long Song Description:
An ambient electronica song that attempts to go somewhere without going anywhere.
Story Behind the Song:
I attempted to write a song using the same process I used to write my most successful tune - "Organism". That's why it's called "The Former Process" I did all the MIDI, and most of the sampling and sound design.
Music Credits: Richard Aylward
Producer Credits: Richard Aylward
Performance Credits: Richard Aylward
Label Credits: Spitting Lama MIDI
Song Length: 6:25
Primary Genre: Electronic-Downbeat
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Ambient
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Vocal Samples
Subject Matter 1: Spirituality
Subject Matter 2: Music
Mood 1: Relaxed
Mood 2: Blissful